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Find a Program

Find a Program ImageYour first step is to research what reading programs your local public school provides to meet the needs of dyslexic learners.  Due to recent legislation, schools are required to screen all students in 2nd grade for symptoms of dyslexia and to provide appropriate interventions.  See the “About Dyslexia” page for more information on appropriate interventions.

If you are not satisfied with the program provided by your public school, or if you prefer a program that is entirely designed around the needs of LD learners, a private school may be a good option for you.  A list of private schools in the tristate area with programs for language-based learning disabilities is provided below. Inclusion on this page does not in any way imply support, recommendation, or endorsement by the IDA New Jersey Branch.  Listings are provided for your information only and it is up to you to research schools and programs to determine if they can benefit you or your dyslexic child or client.

How to Choose a School for Your Child

List of Schools with Programs for Language-Based Learning Disabilities

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