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Patricia Barden
International Dyslexia Association
New Jersey Branch


First Annual Lois Rothschild Scholarship offered by NJ IDA to College-Bound Students
with Dyslexia
Lois Rothschild was the first New Jersey Branch of the International Dyslexia
Association (NJ IDA) president, serving from 1983-85, and established the strong,
active and cohesive character that we continue to emphasize. Under her leadership,
we received a substantial donation that funded our first conference and advanced our
strong ties with National IDA. She was a successful Language Therapist who had a
practice in Randolph, New Jersey and worked with both children and adults. Lois was
an early instructor in the Dyslexia Specialist Certificate Program at Fairleigh
Dickinson University and was responsible for bringing national presenters such as
Arlene Sonday, Tori Greene and Barbara Wilson to New Jersey. She developed a
vocabulary program, World of Words, for online users, pioneering the use of the
internet. The computer-based program won the Cody Award. Lois continued her
dedication by presenting at NJ IDA and National IDA conferences on topics such as
vocabulary instruction, study skills and the Language Tool Kit. To honor her memory
and continue her passion to inspire, scholarships for college students with dyslexia
who live in New Jersey will be awarded.
NJIDA is offering scholarship/s to seniors with dyslexia pursuing post-high school full-time course of study at an accredited college, university, trade school, or other educational institution
Beginning academic year 2018-19, NJIDA will be offering one or several Lois Rothschild Scholarships per year ranging from $1000 – $2500 to students with dyslexia who meet the following requirements:
1) NJ resident
2) A ‘can do mind set’
3) Perseverance in the face of obstacles
4) Provide a letter of recommendation from one high school teacher, guidance counselor or CST member
5) Plan to attend two or four-year higher education
6) Cumulative GPA of at least 2.75
7) Submit a 250 word essay entitled:  “Dyslexia and Me: A Look at its Impact” that demonstrates the student’s ‘can do mindset’ and ability to persevere in the face of obstacles.
How to apply:
1. Complete the application by clicking this scholarship link.
2. Email a copy of your transcript and a letter of recommendation from one high school teacher, guidance counselor or CST member to the following address:
3.Above requirements must be submitted by May 15, 2019 to. Guidance counselors/teacher or CST member to email letter of recommendation to email address above.
(Scholarship recipients will be notified by mail by  May 30, 2019)



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