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Dawn Dennis

International Dyslexia Association
New Jersey Branch

New Jersey Branch International Dyslexia Association

Balaban Scholarship Application

Dr. Mae J. Balaban, an innovative member of NJIDA and NJSHA, was the driving force behind numerous teacher-training initiatives.  In 1998 recognizing the positive potential of a joint conference, Dr. Balaban formed the “Spring Conference Committee” that brought the finest researchers and clinicians to New Jersey under her leadership for 16 years.    To honor her memory, a limited number of scholarships are available to NJSHA and/or NJIDA members currently providing structured literacy instruction to individuals (preschool through adulthood) who are experiencing difficulty learning to decode and comprehend text.

Download application here
Return by noon,  January 18, 2021  to: 

Fill out application online and send to

Or print and send by mail:

New Jersey Branch of the International Dyslexia Association
Attn:  Mrs. Mary Jo Rieg
P.O. Box 32
Long Valley, NJ 07853


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