About Us

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About Us

The International Dyslexia Association New Jersey Branch is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which was formed to provide teacher education, to advance and support legislation advocating for dyslexic individuals and to increase public awareness of dyslexia in New Jersey.

IDA New Jersey Branch is always looking to the future, keeping abreast of current research and best practices related to dyslexia and supporting new research into the causes and effects of this life-long learning difficulty. Technology and understanding in the fields of neurobiology, genetics and education are ever-changing. We keep our members up-to-date through our Newsroom.

Through our conferences, seminars and workshops IDA New Jersey Branch works to provide the most meaningful and up-to-date information on dyslexia and literacy education. Our fall conference in October and the IDA New Jersey Branch/NJSHA spring conference bring together teachers, parents, professionals, and experts to learn from each other and share resources and information. SIFFT and WIFFT are shorter, focused workshops that allow parents and professionals to spend a Saturday or summer day on professional development without missing time in the classroom. IDA New Jersey Branch also provides personalized professional development programs throughout the state, including those that satisfy the state-required two hours of professional development on dyslexia. We also provide other small, regional events throughout the year so keep your eyes on www.nj.dyslexiaida.org/events for upcoming events and programs. If you would like IDA New Jersey Branch to provide a program in your school or community, please send your request to info.nj@dyslexiaida.org.

Coming soon: NJ DOE has selected IDA New Jersey Branch to create webinars to satisfy the two-hour dyslexia training requirement. These webinars are currently in development. Stay tuned for more information.

Dyslexia is a lifelong struggle. At IDA New Jersey Branch, we are here to support you. From establishing October as Dyslexia Awareness month, to being instrumental in getting new dyslexia laws passed through the state legislature, we are constantly working to improve the lives of dyslexic individuals throughout the state and beyond. We are the voice of dyslexia in NJ, helping the public and public figures alike to understand the unique challenges that face our dyslexic citizens and working together with parents, professionals and lawmakers to remove barriers and improve access to services. If you or a family member have dyslexia and live in New Jersey. You are NOT alone. Join IDA New Jersey Branch now.



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